What are the steps included for our Grave Exhumation Process?

Exhumation involves opening up a grave and removing human remains already buried there. Most societies and cultures around the world prohibit exhuming the resting place of their loved ones, but these days, they are often done because of government expansion projects. You can exhume the remains of the deceased, cremate them and place the ashes in a columbarium.

Steps for our Grave Exhumation Process:

  • Site Survey: Before beginning the grave exhumation procedure, we travel to the location that our clients have specified to inspect the area and ascertain whether it is possible to collect the deceased person’s remains.
  • Auspicious Dates: After inspecting the site, we give our clients a list of auspicious dates to choose from when choosing the day of the exhumation. We proceed to the following stage once the date has been chosen.
  • The next and most important step is to apply for permission for the exhumation. Therefore, once a date has been chosen, we help our clients apply for permits online with the National Environment Agency.
  • Groundbreaking Prayer: A groundbreaking prayer session will be held to obtain blessings for the exhumation procedure before disturbing the ground at the burial site.
  • Exhumation services in Singapore are carried out at night in order to honour the deceased. The family members are also encouraged to oversee the procedure.
  • After the remains have been excavated, we clean out the tomb and add fresh soil to fill the empty space.
  • Cremation: You will be provided with a specialist to help with the bone-picking ritual by Nirvana Columbarium. Following that, essentials like the red cloth, red dish, and umbrella will be provided.

Cremated remains will then be placed in the chosen urn and brought to the columbarium.

  • Final prayers: To ensure that the deceased will have a peaceful rest in their new home, a final prayer will be said before the urn is installed.

Nirvana is a beautiful resting place for our loved ones who have passed away. For grave exhumation services in Singapore, get in touch with Nirvana Memorial Garden at any time.