What is included in Nirvana Post Funeral Services?

Grieving family members frequently inquire with us after a funeral, “What follows the funeral? What should do further?” We would like to share with you the answers to these crucial questions. This is what follows a funeral.

After the death of a loved one, you will feel both lonely and you may dread the prospect of getting back to normal life over the upcoming weeks and months. We want you to know that right now it’s alright to put yourself first if it all feels like just too much to handle.

You have two crucial tasks to complete in the upcoming weeks and months. One, you need to practise excellent self-care as much as you can. Second, you should devote some time to completing the documentation that will formally alter your loved one’s status with banks and creditors, as well as employers, insurance providers, and mortgage holders.

Be ready for a “long haul” since this process can take some time. When you’re taking a break, you might want to consider one or two people who might be willing to assist you in handling the paperwork left behind by the loss of your loved one. As they come to help you, make sure to record everything down because there is a high potential for memory loss and confusion. Keep a pen and paper nearby so you may record any further essential thoughts or ideas that come to mind when your brain is at rest.

Below are some of Nirvana’s Post Funeral services.

Ancestral Tablet

Family members traditionally utilise ancestral tablets to preserve legacies and remember their loved ones. They may be kept at home or in a temple dedicated to Buddhism.

Some family members may prefer to leave the tablet at home so that they can offer flowers and incense to the Ancestral Tablet.

These days, many families might be unsure of how to make offerings or how to properly preserve such tablets. To help you through the necessary steps, we are here to provide you with support on any questions you may have.


Exhumations are permitted after 15 years, according to Singapore law (the New Burial Policy).

Any human remains found in the casket will be exhumed and cremated. After that, depending on religious restrictions, the cremated bones may be kept at a columbarium or dispersed into the ocean.

The cost of exhumation services will be assessed on-site by our funeral director, who will also assist you with all essential preparations.

We can perform such exhumations to move your loved one to the last resting place, and we have a broad selection of marbled and magnificent urns for your selection.

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