Nirvana Memorial Garden Notice of Operation

effective from 22 Nov 2021

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All visitors required to book an appointment at least 3 days in advance. Please call 6969 9696 to book your appointment.

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Appointments available at hourly intervals between 9am to 4pm daily.

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Maximum 5 in a group.

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Check-in via TraceTogether before entering.

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Please do not visit if you are unwell.

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When visiting, please sanitise and wash hands regularly.

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Please do not stay beyond your 1 hour time slot.

Dear guest,

In view of the easing of regulatory measures implemented by the Singapore Government, announced on 20th November 2021, visitors to Nirvana Memorial Garden will be increased to 5 individuals per appointment for Prayers, Visitation and Site Tours with effect from 22nd November 2021 onwards.

Please abide to the safe distancing measures in order to safe-guard our Visitors and Staff.

The following implementation will take effect on 22th November 2021 onwards until further notice:

  1. Prayer Appointment
    Maximum of 5 individuals per Prayer Appointment; inclusive of all services within the An-Ling Room. Pedestal Installations can be guided by 1 Agent and 1 religious master per service.
  2. Other purposes of visiting to the niche, pedestal or Site Tour
    Maximum of 5 individuals only, regardless of vaccination status and guided by 1 Service agent.

    All Visitors are required to call our Hotline @ 6969 9696 for any Appointment Bookings at least 3 Days in advance.

    Nirvana reserves the rights to reject any excess in the number of individuals entering our premises.

    Wearing of high filter mask is recommended when visiting our premises.

    Please strictly adhere to the above-mentioned and thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.


鉴于新加坡政府于 2021 年 11 月 20 日宣布放宽的新监管措施,从 2021 年 11 月 22 日起,富贵山莊生命纪念馆 将允许每组拜祭与参观预约人数增加至5人。请遵守以下措施以确保到访顾客与员工的安全。

以下条规将于 2021 年 11 月 22 日起生效:

  1. 祭拜预约


  2. 其他探访山庄的福位,神主牌厅或者参观预约, 最多只能5 人一组 (无论到访者是否已接种疫苗)
    所有访客仍需至少提前3 天拨打山庄热线6969 9696 预约到访时段。