Columbarium Block A

Temple of Immortals (Ju Xian Dian) 聚仙殿

Block A Temple of Immortals (Ju Xian Dian) 聚仙殿

In the temple, the sacred Buddha statue guides the ancestors to the bliss land. The roof lets in natural sunlight and the building encompasses the five elements of Feng Shui — Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Metal refers to the golden Buddha, Wood is the surrounding green bamboo, Water is the live flowing water, Fire comes from the light from the ceiling and Earth refers to the ashes within the columbarium. In the middle, there is a Nine-Turn Feng Shui Ball which brings the five elements into effect. The continuous momentum of the Feng Shui Ball conveys blessing on the ancestors and their descendants.



Excellent Feng Shui Place

Nirvana Singapore is located at old Choa Chu Kang Road, with a southeast orientation. It adopts the Feng Shui architectural layout of the "sky dome" that balances both yin and yang elements, and it is divided into three major buildings as a whole.

The central main hall (Block B) of Nirvana Singapore is square, with a wide open entrance encircled by a ring-shaped jade belt path. This allows the entrance of the gate to receive the most prosperous flow and have the optimal Feng Shui set up!

Six-Star Columbarium

Costing tens of millions of dollars and meticulously built with a professional Feng Shui set up, it is Singapore's first six-star columbarium that combines traditional Chinese elements with modern design.


Dedicated Professional Service

Free “ 49th day” prayer service (An Ling).
Our in house monks chants and pray on daily basis.
Chauffeured and dedicated bone picking service.
Professional service consultant will assist throughout the journey with you.

Special Prayers During All Festivals

Enlightenment ceremony (prayers) will be held during most festivals such as Lunar New Year, Vesak Day, Winter Solstice etc.

During Qing Ming (Tomb-sweeping Festival) and Zhongyuan Festival (7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival), we also have enlightenment ceremony (prayers), with 3 full days of chanting to ensure our ancestors’ spirits peace and blessings.


Daily Free Shuttle Bus

We provide a 365-day, free bus transfer service between Boon Lay MRT Station and Nirvana Singapore.

0% interest installment plan

We provide up to 4 years of zero interest installment to reduce the financial burden on our customers.

One-Time Maintenance Fee

There's only a one-time maintenance fee imposed with no annual maintenance fees imposed after that.