Exhumation services in Singapore

The following article will explain about exhumations and we are the best exhumation service in Singapore.

Exhumation is the procedure used to remove a person’s remains from their burial place. After that, the remains are moved and interred in a new or different grave, cremated, or returned to the deceased’s home country.

The difficult procedure of grave exhumation, reburial, cremation, and repatriation of human remains has long been managed by the Nirvana Memorial Garden.

    Exhumation Method

    The casketed remains will be exhumed by at least two personnel provided by the funeral home, one of whom will be a funeral director. Depending on the family’s wish, the funeral home will also offer the appropriate coffin or container for the transportation or reinterment of the remains. If the body is to be returned to another country, a hardwood casket with a metal liner or a hermetically sealed steel coffin may be utilized. If the deceased is to be cremated, their ashes will be placed in a wooden cremation urn.

    Before the funeral home team arrives, the cemetery workers will prepare the gravesite by removing above-ground structures like the headstone, railing, or concrete walls. The grave’s upper portion will, after that, be mechanically dug. The leftover earth will be manually removed under the observation of our funeral home staff. When excavating, the cemetery staff will take every precaution to protect the coffin. The funeral director’s responsibility is to remove the casketed remains or retrieve and place the skeleton in the designated casket or container. A funeral worker unearths the remains and transports them to the funeral home or another predetermined site.

    Nirvana Memorial Garden

    Your loved ones’ beautiful final resting place is the Nirvana Memorial Garden. It provides services including niche transfers, exhumations, internments, and columbaria. You’ll be happy to learn that exhumation in Singapore is less expensive than you would anticipate.

    In conclusion, Nirvana Memorial Garden in Singapore offers exhumation services and is a beautiful location for loved ones to rest. Even non-Buddhist suites are available. Each suite has a gorgeous interior, a large plan, a welcoming entry, and carefully thought-out lots.

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