What are the types of exhumation services?

Grave exhumation is the process of removing a corpse from the earth. It comes in three types: legal, illegal, and unintentional.

  • When human remains are found during excavation, building, or old building destruction, exhumation happens accidentally.
  • A criminal exhumation is a malicious act with a variety of objectives, including grave looting, hooliganism, extortion of family members, destruction of the dead, religious rites, etc.
  • In accordance with all procedural requirements, legal exhumation is performed in front of witnesses, forensic experts, and other specialists as well as members from the governing bodies, and the deceased’s family.

Why choose Nirvana for the ancestral tablet?

Traditionally, Chinese people make their wishes for future generations’ longevity and prosperity on a pedestal. However, because of the fast-paced and condensed nature of modern living. Most descendants lack the resources and the time necessary to treat their ancestors with the utmost respect. In Nirvana, we have a team of housekeepers who take care of the property so that our loved ones can live happily and calmly. All of the ancestors who are honoured in Nirvana will get daily merits and prayers from our resident monks. The blessings for their progeny will increase greatly as a result.