Everything you should know about funeral services at Nirvana Singapore

We are aware that different religions’ burial customs differ significantly from one another. No matter who you are, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore will always assist you with all funeral services, provide you with fair pricing, and list all the included items so that you are fully aware of everything.

What Comes With It?

Every one of our funeral service packages contains the following:

  • Services for handling entombments and organizing funerals
  • Coordination of the funeral and the memorial service
  • Funeral procession service, cremation, and ash recovery

Why are the funeral services at Nirvana Singapore the best?

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore funeral services includes everything listed below:-

  • Obtaining the appropriate authorizations and licences.
  • Transporting the body to the right company from the scene of death.
  • Finishing any other preparations, including cremation or embalming.
  • Arranging the funeral and memorial ceremonies and, if necessary, using company assets, such as staff and equipment.
  • Funeral hearse.

What are the steps involved?


The first step is to choose a Nirvana Funeral Service Package. Customers can contact our service specialists whenever they need help thanks to our 24-hour care line.


After a loved one passes away, our team will assist by securing the body and transferring it to the wake and funeral. Additionally, the Nirvana funeral service packages allow customers to choose the kind of transportation for the funeral procession.


Grieving family members would need to plan and manage the necessary paperwork for reporting the death or obtaining the burial authorization in addition to the funeral. With Nirvana’s Funeral Service Packages, you may entrust the management of the essential paperwork and documentation to our team.

 Funeral Organisation

Nirvana Singapore makes all necessary preparations for the memorial and funeral procession to give you peace of mind. Whatever Nirvana Funeral Service Package you choose, Nirvana offers professional services.

Why Pre-planning a Funeral Service Is Important?

  • Because it has many benefits, pre-planning a funeral is growing in popularity. First, preparing in advance offers you the assurance you require—that your loved ones won’t have to shoulder the financial load that typically comes after the death.
  • Additionally, by making advance arrangements, you provide your loved ones with specific instructions on carrying out your final desires or intentions. For instance, if you choose to be cremated, you will benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your wishes will be carried out.
  • Planning has been shown to result in long-term financial savings.

Nirvana Memorial Garden fully supports the pre-planning of funeral services in Singapore from beginning to conclusion. You only need to call us if you need to set up advance arrangements for a Buddhist funeral, a special prayer ceremony, or purchase a unique funeral niche. We will be pleased to put you in touch with our pre-arrangement coordinators for more information.

Planning is crucial, and it’s the most excellent present you could ever leave your loved ones. Start making plans right now by contacting Nirvana for funeral services in Singapore.