What are exhumations and what’s the purpose of exhuming a body?

Exhuming a body from its original location is sometimes necessary in order to properly identify it. This sometimes happens when the concession for the funerary niche expires and is not renewed, or when there is an investigation.

What is an exhumation?

The act of removing a corpse from its burial site (cemetery, grave, crypt) or excavating it can be referred to as exhumation.

In other words, an exhumation is when a deceased person’s remains are uncovered.

Conditions for exhuming a body

The following are the conditions for exhuming a body:

  • A specific period of time must have passed since the burial was completed before an exhumation can take place and the body completely deteriorates. It is up to the relevant authorities to decide how long it should take to exhume a body, and cemeteries are responsible for following any rules that have been set.
  • It must adhere to the necessary hygienic and sanitary standards. Due to the extreme heat, most cemeteries avoid performing this ritual in the daytime.
  • In Singapore, those who can request grave exhumation services are the direct family, the owners of the burial unit, a court, or the cemetery itself for maintenance purposes.

Exhumation actually takes place every day in many locations across the world. Exhuming a body can be done for a variety of reasons, including moving it closer to surviving family members, doing it as part of a cultural custom, or using it as evidence in a police inquiry. Nirvana Memorial Garden’s professionals are the best for grave exhumation services.

The dead should often be left to rest, but there are situations when that is simply not possible. Burials have always been for the living, but sometimes the needs of the living get in the way.

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