6 Reasons Why People Exhume Bodies

A body is exhumed when the deceased’s remains are taken out of the grave and relocated to another location.

Let’s look at some of the most typical justifications for exhuming a body.

  1. A police inquiry
    The body may be removed for additional examination and evidence if there is a police investigation ongoing into the deceased.
  2. Archaeology
    Exhumations are sometimes done to do research.
  3. DNA analysis
    In some circumstances, a DNA test on the deceased may be required to establish their identity, parental status, or genealogical ties.
  4. Family aspirations
    These bodies are sometimes exhumed at the family’s request. The body may need to be transported to another state or nation to bury in a particular cemetery or join a family plot.
  5. Graverobbing
    Not to be forgotten, there have been reports of graves being raided for bodies or for the treasures that are sometimes buried with the deceased.
  6. Cultural activities
    Finally, some societies employ the bodies of loved ones who have passed away in their cultural rituals.

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