Things to take into account when selecting a columbarium

Some people find it soothing to personally visit the location where their loved ones urn is kept during the grieving process or on significant days like birthdays, anniversaries, and mother’s or father’s days.

Some people like having their ashes scattered at a place that holds special value for them and their departed loved ones.

1. Funeral packages do not include urns, niches, or family pedestals.

Remember that the niche, urn, and ancestral pedestal are not included when choosing your memorial ceremony.

2. Treat the cremated remains with respect.

Some individuals prefer burial to cremation. Even though dispersing the ashes at sea may seem romantic, often the family prefers not do so for memorial purposes. To honour and preserve the memory of the deceased, the urn and ashes are better interred in a columbarium.

3. Choosing the right level.

Depending on the level, a niche in a private columbarium can cost different amounts.

4. Decide on a columbarium design and style.

The family may feel more at peace if the decor is modest and modern or has religious themes and imagery.

Which Columbarium is considered best?

If you decide to keep your urn at the Nirvana Columbarium in Singapore, you become a part of a vibrant tradition and culture. Nirvana honours life by providing various funeral services and columbarium. We assist families in properly and respectfully remembering the deceased. If you require any other information, kindly contact us.