Why choose Nirvana Singapore Columbarium?

Placing the remains in Nirvana Singapore Columbarium is the best way to honour your loved ones or pay tribute to yourself after a long, productive life, regardless of whether you are currently making cremation arrangements for a deceased loved one or you are simply making advance plans for your final resting place.

Why Nirvana Singapore Columbarium is the best option.

  1. Various Products to Meet Various Needs and Budgets

Do you want to purchase a specific niche to fit one urn?

Maybe you want your entire family to stay close to one another even after death and would like to buy a large niche or an entire suite. Or do you want to eventually share a niche with your spouse, partner, or child and are looking to buy a slightly bigger niche to fit two or three urns?

At Nirvana, Singapore Memorial Garden, we provide for all these scenarios.

  1. Customized Niche

Families can affordably have their dreams fulfilled at Nirvana Singapore’s columbarium by having the niches of their loved ones customised and filled with the deceased’s favourite goods. A personalised niche often helps people relive happy memories, which promotes healing.

  1. Skilled and experienced team

The team at Nirvana Memorial Garden is made up of incredibly skilled and sympathetic people who will attend to all of your needs and patiently explain everything you need to know, from the bereavement services we provide to the recommendations we make about the types of niches and suites that would be most appropriate for each customer.

  1. A Cheerful Setting

The Nirvana Singapore Columbarium has eschewed the typically solemn atmosphere in most columbaria. Nirvana Memorial Garden, in its stead, exudes a joyful, serene, and cosy atmosphere. Modern conveniences, helpful personnel, daily chanting sessions, 24-hour air conditioning, and plenty of parking contribute to the environment’s vibrancy and friendliness. These factors combined encourage visitors to stay longer and return more frequently.