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Why choose Nirvana Memorial Garden for funeral services?


Nirvana Memorial Garden is a reputable funeral services provider in Singapore that offers a range of services to help families […]

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Preserving Heritage: The Process of Grave Exhumation in Singapore


An ethnically and religiously diverse city-state, Singapore is well renowned for its rich cultural legacy. Burying loved ones in family […]

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What is the basic difference between Private and Public columbariums in Singapore?


A columbarium is a structure, typically a building or a room, that contains niches or compartments designed to hold the […]

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What purpose do ancestral tablets serve?


The most popular folk religious practice in China is Ancestor prayer or worship. And the most prevalent way to honour […]

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6 Reasons Why People Exhume Bodies


A body is exhumed when the deceased’s remains are taken out of the grave and relocated to another location. Let’s […]

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Are Nirvana Funeral services worth it?


Nirvana Memorial Garden is meticulously built to create a calming ambience where family members can peacefully memorialize a loved one. […]

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What are exhumations and what’s the purpose of exhuming a body?


Exhuming a body from its original location is sometimes necessary in order to properly identify it. This sometimes happens when […]

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Why should you consider Nirvana Memorial Garden for funeral ceremonies?


Funerals provide us a chance to humanise this situation a little bit, which is challenging due to the loss in […]

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Why choose Nirvana Singapore?


Nirvana Memorial Garden offers family members a serene setting in which to honour a loved one at an affordable price. […]

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Why Pre-planning a Funeral Service Is Important?


In the past ten years, cremations have grown in acceptance. According to Forbes, a number of causes have contributed to […]

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